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In addition to the tried and true Wally Dolly, Wally Dolly Australia have designed and released the Wally Dolly COMPACT.  As the name suggests it is smaller and lighter than the original Wally Dolly, with shorter narrower track sections and a smaller T-frame, although it still offers the same fast setup and seamless track joints for smooth performance.  It has been designed for use with DSLR and lightweight professional video camcorders.  The track system for the Wally Dolly COMPACT is made up of 6 x 780mm lengths of anodised machined aluminium track sections.   Each track length connects together by threaded plugs at either end.  The total track length when assembled is 2.340 metres however track extension sections are available in 780mm lengths.

To compliment the track system track pads are supplied to protect the track from being damaged when laid on the ground and absorb any track noise. 


The Wally Dolly COMPACT is restricted to a maximum load capacity of 12kg including dolly, tripod, fluid head and camera.  The basic kit weights 5.2kg and comes in a Kit bag measuring 800mm x 170mm x 140mm.  

The  Wally Dolly  CompacT Portable Dolly and Track System for DSLR and  Lightweight Camcorders

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